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The title dated back to the Second Age and perhaps earlier;1 Celeborn took up the rule of Lórien after III 1980, and remained there into the Fourth Age
The land of Lórien
Sindar (Amroth may have been a Silvan Elf)
The chief dwelling of Celeborn and Galadriel was at Caras Galadhon
Lórien can be interpreted as either 'land of gold' or 'dreamland'
Other names
Title of
Amroth and Celeborn (and possibly either Amdír or Malgalad)


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Lord of Lórien

A title of Celeborn

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A title dating back into history, given to Celeborn after he took the lordship of the woodland realm of Lórien in the Third Age with his spouse, Galadriel.

Amdír / Malgalad (ruled to II 3434)
Our sources for the earliest known ruler of Lórien are limited and contradictory: his name is given variously as Amdír or Malgalad. He appears to have been Sindarin in origin, and therefore probably took up the rule of Lórien (at that time called Lórinand) at some point in the early Second Age, as part of the eastern migration of many Sindar at that time. One point where all sources agree is that this Lord of Lórien joined the Last Alliance and fought in the Battle of Dagorlad, where he was slain alongside many of his people.
Amroth (ruled II 3434 - II 1981)
Most sources make Amroth the son and heir to his predecessor (whether Amdír or Malgalad), though according to some accounts he was the son of Galadriel and Celeborn. Whatever his parentage, he became Lord of Lórien after the War of the Last Alliance and ruled there through much of the Third Age, dwelling in the place afterwards called Cerin Amroth. After the emergence of Durin's Bane in nearby Khazad-dûm, many of the Elves of Lórien fled the land, and Amroth followed his beloved Nimrodel into the south. He was lost at sea, and Lórien was left without a lord.
Celeborn (ruled in the late Third Age)
Celeborn's connection with Lórien went back into the Second Age. Some accounts suggest that he fortified it after the fall of Eregion, while it was still ruled by Amdír or Malgalad, and he also seems to have spent time there with Galadriel during Amroth's reign. After the loss of Amroth, Celeborn and Galadriel took up the rule of Lórien as a bastion against Dol Guldur across the Great River, and remained its Lord and Lady throughout the remainder of the Third Age. After the departure of Galadriel into the West, Celeborn remained in Middle-earth, but soon left Lórien to dwell in Rivendell, at least for a time.



The first Lord of Lórien that we can identify for sure was Amroth, first recorded in about II 730. There are accounts describing Amroth's predecessor, but these are of uncertain canonicity, and name the former Lord variously as Amdír or Malgalad. All accounts agree that this earlier Lord fell in the War of the Last Alliance.

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