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Named after Amroth established a dwelling there after the War of the Last Alliance (in the first years of the Third Age)
In Lórien, a day's march from the northern borders
Amroth was Sindarin, dwelling among a Silvan people
ke'rin a'mroth
'Mound of Amroth'


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Cerin Amroth

The mound at the heart of Lórien

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Map of Cerin Amroth
(Somewhat conjectural)1

The mound of Amroth, that stood in the heart of Lórien and held the house of that King before he was lost. It was here that Aragorn and Arwen plighted their troth centuries later.



The geography of Lórien is not well established, and we have no map showing the precise position of Cerin Amroth. The location shown here is based on descriptions in The Lord of the Rings, and may not be exactly correct.

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