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The earliest use was probably of Nerdanel the wife of Fëanor during the Years of the Trees; the latest recorded use was a reference to Gandalf from the early Fourth Age
Used of various Elves and Wizards (Maiar)
Title of
Three Elves (Celeborn, Nerdanel and Turgon) and two Wizards (Gandalf and Saruman)
The term 'Wise' Also used collectively for the Elves as a people (see Nómin) and also for the wisest of the Elves and Wizards (see the separate entry for The Wise)


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The Wise

Title of the most far-sighted of Elves and Wizards

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A title used for various individuals across the Ages, denoting particular knowledge, understanding and insight. Among the Elves it was first used of Nerdanel the wife of Fëanor, but later also for King Turgon and Lord Celeborn. It was especially associated with the Wizard Saruman, but was also used for his fellow Wizard Gandalf the Grey.

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