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The Battle Plain, Dagorlad, before the gates of the Morannon
Dagorlad is pronounced dago'rlad (where 'dag' rhymes with 'bag')


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Battle of Dagorlad

The climactic battle of the Second Age

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The decisive battle of the War of the Last Alliance, in which the last great alliance of Elves and Men, led by Gil-galad and Elendil, faced the forces of Sauron. The Battle took place on a wide and dusty plain before the entrance to Mordor, and many who took part were lost in the marshes that bordered the battlefield on the west. There was great loss on either side, but Sauron was defeated and fled back to Barad-dûr. After the Battle was won came another seven long and bitter years of siege, but Sauron was finally defeated and the Second Age came to an end.

The Battle of Dagorlad was one of the greatest Middle-earth had ever seen. The original name of the field where it took place - if it had one - is now forgotten: that region was known afterwards simply as Dagorlad, 'Battle Plain'.



The Dagorlad, or Battle Plain, was the scene of many conflicts throughout Gondor's history. Its name, though, refers to the original Battle of Dagorlad, the critical battle that led ultimately to Sauron's defeat at the end of the Second Age. Of course, the battlefield would not have been called the 'Battle Plain' until the battle itself had been fought: the name 'Dagorlad' (and hence 'Battle of Dagorlad') must have arisen some time after the event itself.

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