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Crown of Elendil

The royal helm of Gondor

A tall jewelled crown, fashioned with wings after the model of a Númenórean war helmet. The original Crown of Gondor had indeed been a simple helm - that worn by Isildur in the Battle of Dagorlad - but Atanatar II Alcarin replaced it with a more ornate crown some 1,200 years after Isildur's death. When Eärnur, the last King of Gondor, set out to meet his fate in Minas Morgul, he left the Crown of Elendil on the tomb of his father Eärnil II, and there it remained throughout the rule of the Stewards. Nearly a thousand years passed until it was used once again in the coronation of King Aragorn Elessar.

Though the crown was known as the 'Crown of Elendil', in fact Elendil had never worn it (indeed, as High King he wore no crown at all, but instead bore the Elendilmir, a simple white jewel). The crown's name, then, was purely commemorative of Gondor's founder, and the crown had no direct connection to Elendil himself.

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