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Originally made for Silmariën of Númenor (born II 521) and survived until the loss of Isildur in III 2; a second Elendilmir was made for Isildur's son Valandil (ruled from III 10) and borne by his heirs until the fall of Arthedain (III 1974), and by Aragorn during the War of the Ring; the original was recovered sometime after the end of the War (probably early Fourth Age)
Particularly associated with the North-kingdom of Arnor and its successor kingdom of Arthedain
Made for Silmariën, ancestor of the Lords of Andúnië
Borne by the heirs of Silmariën through the Second Age, and the heirs of her descendants Elendil and Isildur through the Third
'Jewel of Elendil' (Elendil means 'Elf-friend')
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The royal gem of Arnor

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A symbol of royalty among the Kings of Arnor and their descendants: a radiant white gem set on a silver fillet. The first Elendilmir was lost with Isildur at the Disaster of the Gladden Fields, but another was made, and borne by Isildur's descendants until the time of Aragorn and almost certainly beyond.

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