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Star of the North Kingdom

The shining royal emblem of Arnor

The name given to two symbols of royalty among the Dúnedain. The first of these held a glistening white Elven gem, bound to the brow by a fillet of mithril. This was originally borne by Silmariën, the eldest daughter of Tar-Elendil of Númenor, and from her it passed down through the line of her descendants, the Lords of Andúnië. The last of the Lords was Elendil, who became the first King of Arnor. So the shining gem became known as the Star of the North Kingdom (and also as the Elendilmir, 'Elendil jewel', from the first King to wear it).

Elendil was slain in the War of the Last Alliance that ended the Second Age, and his son Isildur inherited the Star. As he returned from Gondor to take up the rule the North-kingdom, he was set upon by Orcs, and the priceless Star (which he was wearing at the time) was lost in the waters of Anduin. The Elves of Rivendell created a replacement, less perfect than the original, and bound with a fillet of silver rather than mithril. This was worn in place of a crown by all the Kings of Arnor after Isildur's time, and also by their successors the Kings of Arthedain.

After Arthedain fell, the Star was given into the keeping of Elrond at Rivendell, who held it safely throughout the last millennium of the Third Age. It was not worn again by any Heir of Isildur until the War of the Ring, when Aragorn bore it during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields to signify the return of the true King.

After Aragorn had established himself, a secret place was discovered in Orthanc, in which Saruman had hidden certain treasures he had recovered. Among those treasures was Isildur's original Star on its mithril fillet; evidently Saruman had come upon Isildur's remains during his hunt for the Ring. After its recovery, Aragorn returned the first Star to Arnor, though he most commonly wore the silver Star made in Rivendell, keeping the original mithril Star of the North Kingdom for days of special importance or celebration.

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