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The northern Gladden Fields, between Anduin and Greenwood the Great


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Disaster of the Gladden Fields

The loss of Isildur and his Bane

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The orc-raid at the beginning of the Third Age, in which Isildur was lost in the River Anduin, and with him the One Ring that he had taken from Sauron.



Tolkien doesn't give the exact date of the Orcs' attack, but we can calculate it from associated information. We know that Isildur set out on Yavannië 5 (by the calendar of Númenor), and that he was attacked on the thirtieth day of his journey. According to the King's Reckoning, that would be Narquelië 4. That translates onto the Shire Calendar as the fourth day of Winterfilth (October), or onto a modern calendar as 25 September.

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