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Isildur was born in II 32091; his line continued into the Fourth Age
Isildur was born in Númenor, but his descendants were Dúnedain living in Middle-earth
'Isildur' is pronounced 'isi'ldoorr'


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House of Isildur

The descendants of Isildur, son of Elendil

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The descendants of Isildur, elder son of Elendil. The House came close to destruction at the beginning of the Third Age, when Isildur and his three eldest sons were lost at the Disaster of the Gladden Fields. His youngest son Valandil was kept safe in Rivendell, however, and from him came the line of the Kings of Arnor that led over three thousand years to Aragorn II Elessar.



The date of Isildur's birth appears only in The History of Middle-earth volume XII, The Peoples of Middle-earth. It cannot therefore be considered completely reliable.

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