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Star of the North

The royal emblem of Arnor

A shining white jewel borne on the forehead of each of the Kings of Arnor in place of a crown. It was originally worn by the Lords of Andúnië in Númenor, and thus became a token of royalty in Middle-earth when Elendil, last of the Lords, established his own kingdom there. After Elendil's death this original Elendilmir was soon lost to history: Elendil's heir Isildur was wearing it when he was attacked by Orcs and slain at the beginning of the Third Age.

In Rivendell, a replacement Star was made for Isildur's young heir Valandil, and that silver-bound jewel was borne thereafter by the Kings of the Northern Dúnedain. Even after the fall of the North-kingdom, the Heirs of Isildur still held the Star of the North as their symbol of office down until the end of the Third Age, when Aragorn wore the Star at his coronation in Gondor.

It was some time after Aragorn's coronation that the original Star of the North was rediscovered, more than three thousand years after its loss. It had been found by Saruman during his search for the Ring, and locked away in a secret place within Orthanc. After the Wizard's departure, Orthanc was searched, and the ancient mithril-bound Star was reclaimed.

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