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Arnor was founded in II 3320 and endured for 982 years to III 861
Arnor, the land of the Dúnedain in the northern parts of Eriador
Descended from Exiles of Númenor who escaped the Downfall with Elendil
Ruled by the House of Elendil
Arnor is pronounced 'a'rnorr'
Arnor means 'Land of the King'


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The people of Arnor, the North-kingdom founded by Elendil in Middle-earth after the Downfall of Númenor. Elendil was its first King, and was held as High King over both the North- and South-kingdoms (hence the name Arnor, which means 'Land of the King').

The Men of Arnor were severely depleted by the War of the Last Alliance, in which many of them fell. Nonetheless, the land of Arnor survived for nearly a thousand years under ten different Kings. It came to an end when a dispute among the sons of its last King, Eärendur, saw it weaken and break into three lesser realms.

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