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In use from the time of Atanatar II Alcarin (who came to the throne in III 1149) to the loss of Eärnur in III 2050; returned to use at the crowning of Aragorn Elessar in III 3019
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Silver Crown

The Crown of Gondor

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"Tales out of the South ... about the tall Men with the shining eyes, and their houses like hills of stone, and the silver crown of their King and his White Tree: wonderful tales."
Gollum's memory of tales of Gondor
from The Two Towers IV 3
The Black Gate is Closed

The great helm, bejewelled and adorned with wings in the fashion of a Gondorian war helmet, that served as the Crown of Gondor from the time of King Atanatar Alcarin. From Atanatar's time, it was worn by eighteen Kings until the reign of Eärnur, who set it aside in the Houses of the Dead when he went to answer the challenge of the Witch-king. Eärnur never returned, and the line of Kings in Gondor came to an end.

After the rise of the Ruling Stewards, the Crown lay among the Tombs for nearly a thousand years. During the War of the Ring, Faramir confided to Frodo that he dreamt of the return of the Silver Crown, and of a time of peace under a new King in Minas Tirith, a dream that would become reality with the coming of Aragorn Elessar.

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