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Perhaps Stoors2
Said to derive from the guttural swallowing noises this creature habitually made
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Wretched slave to the One Ring

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Originally a creature of Hobbit-kind, who came by the One Ring in the River Anduin, where Isildur had lost it more than two millennia before. Coming under its power, he hid away in the Misty Mountains, and was drawn into the events at the end of the Third Age when he encountered Bilbo Baggins, who took the Ring from him.



Gollum first appears in the Tale of Years in 'about' 2463, when he murders his friend Déagol and steals the Ring. The birthdate of 2440 given here is an estimate based on the assumption that Sméagol/Gollum would have been about twenty-five years old at this date. His long lifespan of almost 600 years is of course far longer than a Hobbit would normally live, and is due to the effects of the Ring.


Gollum's identification as a Stoor is based on Gandalf's words in The Lord of the Rings I 2 The Shadow of the Past, 'I guess they were of hobbit-kind, akin to the fathers of the fathers of the Stoors'. Gollum's people split from the other Stoors in the fifteenth century of the Third Age, when troubled times in Eriador led them to migrate back eastwards across the Misty Mountains, and settle on the banks of the Gladden River.

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