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The name 'Dead Marshes' dates from the Battle of Dagorlad in II 34341
Northwest of Mordor, between Dagorlad and the Nindalf
Named for the ghostly faces that appeared in their waters


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Dead Marshes

The haunted marshlands beside the Battle Plain

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Map of the Dead Marshes

The fetid swamplands that lay between the Emyn Muil and the northern marches of Mordor, the site of many deaths during the War of the Last Alliance, and still said to be haunted at the end of Third Age, three thousand years later.



During that terrible battle, the fighting spilled over from the plain into the marshes, leaving many dead. From then on, mysterious faces appeared in the mires, giving rise to the name 'Dead Marshes'. Of course the marshes themselves had existed long before the battle (though no earlier name is recorded), but the timeline above shows the period after the Battle of Dagorlad.

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