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Descended from the same stock as the Stoors
An anglicisation of the name Trahald, meaning 'burrowing, worming in'
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The Hobbit-like creature who became Gollum

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A Hobbit of Stoor-kind who lived on the banks of the Anduin in the later Third Age. His friend Déagol came upon the One Ring, but Sméagol murdered Déagol and took the Ring. He was eventually exiled by his people, and crept into the roots of the Misty Mountains, where he became the creature of the dark better known as Gollum.



Sméagol's date of birth is nowhere given explicitly. The date of III 2440 is an estimate based on his acquiring the Ring in about III 2463, when he was evidently still quite young and childish, in hobbit terms.

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