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First recorded in the fifth century of the First Age; still in use at the end of the Third Age
Refers to one of the Ainur
Title of
Morgoth (in the First Age) and Sauron (in the Second1 and Third)
The timeline for this entry refers speculatively to the usage of the term 'Black Hand'. Both Morgoth and Sauron themselves long predated the period shown here.


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Black Hand

The hand that first wore the Ring

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A term used of Morgoth in the First Age, and later by Gollum to describe Sauron's literal hand, but also used figuratively of his immense power.



There is no recorded use of the term 'Black Hand' during the Second Age, but since this was the time of Sauron's greatest expansion of power in the west of Middle-earth, it seems unlikely that the name fell out of use (especially as it was remembered late in the following Age.) Its usage during the Third Age is unknown before the last years of that Age: the timeline for this entry speculates a growing resurgence of use as Sauron grew in power, until he finally announced himself in III 2951.

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