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Bridge of Khazad-dûm

The entranceway to the Second Hall

A visitor entering Khazad-dûm through its eastern gate would find themselves in its First Hall, and from there pass along a broad passage, and then down a flight of steps into the Second Hall. In this Second Hall the Dwarves had created a last defence against invaders: a narrow stone span across an unfathomly deep chasm. Though a formidable defence, this Bridge was not impassable: when Balin and his companions re-entered Moria in III 2989, they succeeded in capturing the Second Hall from the force of Orcs that held it. (We're not told how they managed this feat; presumably, knowing the layout of the city, they had brought equipment to help them cross the chasm).

Most famously, the Bridge was the site of Gandalf's encounter with the Balrog of Moria on 15 January III 3019. In the battle that followed, the Bridge was broken, and the First Hall was left isolated from the rest of Khazad-dûm.

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