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First rose in I 1 (the beginning of the Years of the Sun)
The lower regions of Ilmen
Mounted in a vessel by Aulë, and set aloft by Varda
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An Elvish name for the Sun

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The name for the Sun in the Sindarin language. It appears in many names, including Minas Anor, the original name for Minas Tirith, meaning 'Tower of the Setting Sun'. It is also seen in the flower-name elanor, 'sunstar', and perhaps in the title Gandalf claimed for himself on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, 'wielder of the flame of Anor'.

The name Anor is Sindarin, with the Quenya equivalent being Anar. Both names ultimately derive from the root nar-, used of fiery or flaming things, so the Elvish names for the Sun essentially translate as the 'Fire'.

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