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Constructed in the early days of Gondor, before the end of the Second Age. Renamed Minas Tirith ('Tower of Guard') in III 2002.
Beneath Mount Mindolluin in Anórien, on the western banks of the Anduin in Gondor
The reference to the setting Sun is due to the tower's western position (relative to Osgiliath and Minas Ithil)
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'Minas Anor' (literally 'Tower of the Sun') was the original name given to this city, which it held until the capture of Minas Ithil by the Nazgûl in III 2002. After that time, the city was renamed Minas Tirith, the name it retained until the War of the Ring and beyond. For its later history, refer to the entry for Minas Tirith.


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Tower of the Setting Sun

A name for Minas Anor

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The great tower built beneath Mount Mindolluin, west of the River Anduin, in the earliest days of Gondor. Its position west of the River, compared with Isildur's tower of Minas Ithil in the east, is the reason for its association with the 'Setting' Sun.

Historically, It was the tower of Anárion the son of Elendil, and over the centuries it came to replace Osgiliath as the seat of the Kings of Gondor. A thousand years before the War of the Ring, Minas Ithil was captured by the Nazgûl, and the Tower of the Setting Sun became the Tower of Guard, Minas Tirith. With its new name, the city remained a barrier to the forces of Mordor throughout the next millennium.

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