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The Shire was founded in III 1601, and expanded to include the Westmarch in IV 31
The Shire, the lands westward of the Brandywine in the middle regions of Eriador
The first Hobbits settled the Shire having travelled westward from Bree
Numerous, but the main town of the Shire was Michel Delving on the White Downs
Hobbit comes from holbytla, 'hole-builder'; Shire is from scír, 'fiefdom'
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Hobbits of the Shire

The inhabitants of the Land of the Halflings

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The hobbits who lived in the Shire, the land between the White Downs and the River Brandywine. They are more often referred to as the Shire-hobbits or, especially, the Shire-folk.

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