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Built some time after III 23401
On the East Road, at the northern end of the High Hay
Other names
The gate's name can appear as either 'North Gate' or 'North-gate'; there is no distinction between the two forms


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North Gate

The Hay Gate of Buckland

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A gate built by the Bucklanders to protect their land. It stood at the northern tip of Buckland, where the High Hay met the East Road, just east of the Brandywine Bridge.



III 2340 is the date of Buckland's foundation, and since the Gate is part of the Hedge built by the Bucklanders, it cannot precede this date. It seems that the Hedge wasn't erected immediately after the colonisation of Buckland (at least that is the apparent meaning of the words '[The Bucklanders'] land was originally unprotected from the East...'). The only specific dating evidence we have for the Hedge, and therefore the North Gate, is that 'It had been planted many generations ago...' (These quotes are from The Fellowship of the Ring I 5, A Conspiracy Unmasked).

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