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A title of Bilbo Baggins

" are the Ring-bearer. And you are the heir of Bilbo, the Ring-finder"
Words of Gandalf to Frodo Baggins
from The Fellowship of the Ring II 1
Many Meetings

A title given to Bilbo Baggins by Gandalf, in contrast to Frodo Baggins' later role as the Ring-bearer. It referred back to Bilbo's adventures in the caves of the Goblins beneath the Misty Mountains where, lost and alone in the dark, he had improbably stumbled across the One Ring. Formerly held by Gollum, the Ring's power of invisibility was of considerable help in the rest of Bilbo's adventures, but it was later discovered to be Sauron's Ruling Ring, and it fell on Bilbo's heir Frodo to carry it southwards on the Quest of Mount Doom.

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