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Spear of Gil-galad

Aiglos the Snow-point

"...for the Spear of Gil-galad and the Sword of Elendil, Aiglos and Narsil, none could withstand."
Words of Elrond
from The Fellowship of the Ring II 2, The Council of Elrond

The fearsome spear of Ereinion Gil-galad, last of the High Kings of the Noldor. Its name in Elvish was Aeglos, which is variously translated as 'Snow-point', 'Snowthorn' or 'Icicle'. Gil-galad is known to have carried his spear to the Battle of Dagorlad outside the Morannon in the closing years of the Second Age. Though it is not otherwise recorded, it seems more than reasonable to assume that it was also with him seven years later, when he fell in combat with the Dark Lord Sauron himself.

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