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Elves and Men1


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Last Alliance of Elves and Men

The mighty alliance between Gil-galad and Elendil

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The alliance of Gil-galad of the Elves and Elendil the Exile of Númenor at the end of the Second Age, whose forces marched on Mordor, besieged Barad-dûr, and defeated Sauron.



The entire alliance that marched on Mordor seems to have consisted of more than merely Elves and Men. There is a record of at least some of the Dwarves of Durin's Folk fighting with the Alliance, and indeed Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age, in its description of the Alliance and its enemies at the Battle of Dagorlad, tells us: 'All living things were divided that day, and some of every kind, even beasts and birds, were found in either host, save the Elves only.' (Taken literally, this would seem to mean that Gil-galad and Elendil even had Orcs at their command, though that is unlikely to be Tolkien's intention!) Despite this, it is clear that the Alliance was primarily one between the races of Elves and of Men.

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