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Founded c. III 1050
Deserted between III 2941 and III 2951
Destroyed after the War of the Ring, beginning on 28 March III 3019
Southern Mirkwood
Founded by Sauron, in his guise as The Necromancer
do'l goo'ldoorr
'Hill1 of dark magic'


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Dol Guldur

The lair of the Necromancer

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Map of Dol Guldur

The stronghold of Sauron in the southern regions of Mirkwood, where he dwelt in secret as the Necromancer, until discovered by the Wise. When they assaulted him, he withdrew to Mordor, but the Nazgûl soon returned to reclaim Dol Guldur.



The word dol literally means 'head', not 'hill', but it is often used figuratively in the names of high or prominent places (Dol Amroth and Dol Baran are further examples). 'Hill', then, is not an exact interpretation - there is no precise English equivalent of dol used in this way.

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