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Hastiest of Ents

One of the younger Ents of Fangorn Forest belonging to the people of Skinbark. His name (a translation of Elvish Bregalad) was given because of uncharacteristic hastiness. The rowan-trees in his keeping suffered greatly at the hands of Saruman's Orcs, and he played a great part in the Ents' resulting attack on Isengard.



Tolkien consistently implies that Quickbeam is one of the younger Ents, but where Ents are concerned, 'young' is a very relative term. Quickbeam says of himself that he was an Enting 'many many years ago in the quiet of the world'. This is rather cryptic, but it can be taken to suggest that he predates the First Age. (Quickbeam's quote comes from The Two Towers IV 3 Treebeard).

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