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The last peak of the Misty Mountains

Map of Methedras
Somewhat conjectural1

Prominent peaks of the Misty Mountains

A tall and prominent white peak that stood at the extreme southern end of Misty Mountains. Among its foothills lay Isengard, in the valley of the upper Isen known as Nan Curunír. Meanwhile, further to the east, the Onodló (or Entwash) also had its springs on the forested lower slopes of Methedras.

This mountain's Elvish name literally means 'last horn' (ras, or 'horn', was often used in Elvish for geographical features such as mountain peaks or narrow promontories). That name referred to the fact that it was the most southerly significant peak of the long range of the Misty Mountains, a range that stretched on northward from Methedras for some thousand miles into the cold north of Middle-earth.



Neither the precise location of Wellinghall, nor the course of the Entwash in this upper part of its course, are shown on any canonical map. The locations shown here are inferred from textual descriptions, and are necessarily somewhat speculative.

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