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Flowing south and east through the land of Rohan
Within Fangorn Forest, probably in the uplands of the southern Misty Mountains
Into the Anduin at the Mouths of Onodló
onod means 'Ent'
refers to a flooding river, hence 'wash' in the name 'Entwash'
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River Onodló

The ancient Elvish name for the Entwash

An important river that rose under the trees of Fangorn Forest, in the southern Misty Mountains. It flowed south through the land of Rohan (whose people called it the Entwash) until it met its tributary, the Snowbourn out of the White Mountains. Then, it turned eastwards and flowed on to meet the Great River Anduin in a vast fenny delta, called the Mouths of Onodló or the Mouths of Entwash.

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