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Named the 'Mering Stream' after the settlement of Rohan in III 2510
Flowing northeastwards out of the White Mountains, forming the border between Gondor and Rohan
Divided the lands of the Gondorians and Rohirrim
In the Firien-dale, a valley of the White Mountains beneath the Halifirien
Into the Entwash, after that river had begun dividing into the delta that formed its Mouths
Important peaks
The stream's spring was associated with the Halifirien
Mering is pronounced 'me'rring'
'Boundary stream'1
Other names


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Mering Stream

Eastern border-river of Rohan

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Map of the Mering Stream

A minor river that flowed from beneath the Halifirien to join the Entwash at its outflow into Anduin. It formed part of Rohan's eastern border with Gondor.



Mering comes from the Old English mere, 'boundary', representing a name in the tongue of the Rohirrim, and therefore the name cannot predate the arrival of the Rohirrim in Rohan.

The Elvish name of this stream, Glanhír, has exactly the same meaning, though the relationship between the two names is unclear. It seems most likely that Glanhír was a Gondorian translation of the name chosen by the Rohirrim (as there was no boundary between the two nations before that time). Even before the coming of the Rohirrim, however, the stream had marked an internal boundary between the Gondorian regions of Calenardhon and Anórien, so conceivably Glanhír was an original Sindarin name that was adopted and translated by the Rohirrim.

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