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Established as a province of Gondor from II 3320; granted to the Rohirrim in III 2510 (part of Gondor for 2,631 years)
The lands north of the White Mountains, and west of Anduin
kalena'rthon ('th' as in English 'these')
'Green province' (of Gondor)
Other names
Later known as Rohan


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The rolling green land that became Rohan

Map of Calenardhon

Fiefs and regions of Gondor

Wide green land in the north of Gondor; gifted by Steward Cirion to Eorl the Young, and thereafter named Rohan.



We have very little information about the occupants of Calenardhon before the arrival of the Rohirrim, but it is known that the fortresses at Aglarond and Angrenost (later known as the Hornburg and Isengard) were established in the western part of this area early in Gondor's history.

Both the size of this region, and the fact that the Gondorians invested in its defence, argue for the existence of other settlements, but none are explicitly recorded. The name Aldburg given to Eorl's first capital (meaning 'old fortress') might hint that it was founded on the site of an earlier Gondorian township, but other interpretations are possible.


About this entry:

  • Updated 14 November 2010
  • Updates planned: 1

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