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Known as the Men of the Éothéod from III 1856 or shortly afterward; removed to Rohan III 2510 (endured c.654 years)
Originally settled the Vales of Anduin north of the Gladden Fields; removed to the lands around the sources of Anduin in III 1977
A remnant of the Northmen of Rhovanion, led northward by Marhwini
Éothéod is pronounced approximately 'ay'athay'od'
Éothéod means 'Horse people'


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Men of the Éothéod

The ancestors of the Rohirrim

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A nation of Northmen ruled by the descendants of Frumgar in the north of Middle-earth. Their last lord Eorl the Young led them south to the land of Calenardhon, renamed Rohan, where they became known as the Rohirrim.

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