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The horse that ended Léod’s life

A white horse from the lands around the sources of the Anduin, captured as a foal by the Men of the Éothéod, that grew to become a horse so proud and wilful that it was said to be impossible to tame. The Lord of the Éothéod at that time was Léod, and he became determined to try to tame the fierce white horse himself. When he made the attempt, though, it carried him off and threw him, so ending Léod's life.

Léod's son Eorl, just sixteen years old at that time, set out into the wilds to track the horse. When at last he found it, he named it Mansbane on account of his father's death, and demanded that it submit to him in acknowledgement of his loss. The horse, which was said to understand human speech, agreed, and Eorl gave it a new name, Felaróf. Felaróf remained Eorl's faithful companion until both lost their lives in the same battle, forty-four years later.

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