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Founded III 1856 or shortly afterward1; removed to Rohan III 2510 (endured c.654 years)
Originally, the Vales of Anduin north of the Gladden Fields; the Éothéod removed to the lands around the sources of Anduin in III 1977
A remnant of the Northmen of Rhovanion, led northward by Marhwini
Approximately 'ay'athay'od'
'Horse people'


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The roots of the Rohirrim

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Map of the land of Éothéod
The Éothéod

A nation of Northmen brought by their chieftain Frumgar to the northern reaches of the River Anduin. The Men of the Éothéod were the ancestors of the Rohirrim; in the time of Eorl the Young, they rode south to the aid of Gondor, and were granted the wide green land of Calenardhon (later known as Rohan) as a reward.



The event that triggered the migration of the Northmen from Rhovanion was the defeat of Narmacil II of Gondor by the Wainriders in III 1856, but it seems unlikely that Marhwini's followers could have made their journey into the Vales of Anduin and founded a new land all within the same year.

The only definite dating evidence we have is a passage in Cirion and Eorl (in Unfinished Tales) that states, 'The Éothéod were first known by that name in the days of King Calimehtar of Gondor (who died in the year 1936 of the Third Age)...' Calimehtar was Narmacil's son, and succeeded as King after the battle that also sent the Northmen in search of new homes. On that basis, it seems that the Éothéod was founded soon after Calimehtar's accession, but only became commonly known by that name later in his reign.

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