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The Stirrupless

The surname given to Borondir, one of the six riders sent by Steward Cirion to make the dangerous journey into the North and seek the aid of Eorl of the Éothéod. Of the six, Borondir was the only one to survive, escaping numerous assaults out of Mirkwood as he made his way northward. The journey took him fifteen days, but eventually he arrived at the court of Eorl and delivered the message of Cirion, bringing the Northmen to Gondor's aid and rescuing it from its invaders. Borondir Udalraph rode into battle with Eorl and was slain, but his legacy lived on in the kingdom of Rohan, a gift from Cirion to Eorl, which would never have existed if Borondir had failed in his mission.

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