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The month before the feast of Tuilérë

Months of the year

The third month of the year, according to the Stewards' Reckoning of Gondor, following the second month, Nénimë and named for the harsh winds of this time of the year. Súlimë was followed by the spring feast-day of Tuilérë, after which followed the fourth month of Viressë. On a modern calendar, Súlimë ran between 21 February and 22 March.

Súlimë was a month in which some important historical events occurred. The earliest of these to be recorded was the Ride of Eorl; messengers from Gondor set out for the Éothéod early in this month in III 2510, and Eorl in turn set out to the aid of Gondor by the end of the month. In later history, the first day of Súlimë was the birthday of Aragorn Elessar, and perhaps most importantly of all, it was within this month - on its twenty-fifth day - that the Quest of Mount Doom was achieved and the One Ring destroyed in the year III 3019.

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