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A feast-day of the Gondorian calendar

When Mardil Voronwë revised the Gondorian calendar to create his Stewards' Reckoning, he standardised the lengths of all twelve months at thirty days each. This left a discrepancy of two extra days, which he resolved by adding two feast-days to the year that fell outside the named months. The spring holiday of Tuilérë (literally 'spring-day') was one of these (and the second of these new days was the harvest festival of Yáviérë).

Falling between the months of Súlimë and Viressë (approximately modern March and April), Tuilérë coincided closely with the spring equinox. On a modern calendar the match is not exact: Tuilérë actually falls on 23 March, placing it a few days later than the equinox itself.

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