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The originators of this people probably date back to the First Age1
Related to the ancestors of the Edain
Across the northern lands of Middle-earth, and historically also Rhovanion; some of their number travelled south and settled in Rohan
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Men of the North (in the Third Age)

The Northmen of Rhovanion

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Men whose settlements spread throughout the northern lands of Middle-earth in the Third Age, from the sources of Anduin to the valley of Dale, and southward through Rhovanion. More commonly called 'Northmen', they were a broad mix of peoples, speaking many different but related tongues. It is from the languages of the Men of the North that the two greatest Wizards took their names: Saruman 'Man of Skill' and Gandalf 'Elf of the Wand'. In the western part of their range, in the upper of Vales of Anduin, they gave rise to the Éothéod, the ancestors of the Rohirrim of Rohan.



These Men of the North were a branch of the people who were to become the Edain, but whereas those Men crossed the Blue Mountains into Beleriand, the ancestors of the Northmen remained east of the Mountains. It is convenient to date their origins from this event, which took place around the year I 300.

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