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A great captain of the Éothéod

The chief of the captains of the host of the Éothéod who rode south with Eorl the Young. Éomund fought beside his lord in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant, in which the Balchoth and Orcs were defeated and Gondor saved. In reward, Steward Cirion swore a great Oath to Eorl granting the land of Calenardhon (later known as Rohan) to his people. Éomund was a witness to that Oath, and took part in the negotiations that settled the borders of the new realm.

Another great captain named Éomund lived much later in the history of Rohan. In the years before the War of the Ring, this second Éomund of Eastfold was the chief of the Marshals of the Mark, and father to Éomer and Éowyn. It is unclear whether the two Éomunds were related to one another, but if so, then Éomer was the distant descendant of the captain of Eorl's armies.

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