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Borondir made his ride north in III 2509 and returned with the Ride of Eorl in III 2510
ro'chon methe'stel ('ch' as in Scots 'Loch')
'Rider of Last Hope'
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'Rider of Last Hope'
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Rochon Methestel

Rider of Last Hope

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A song that commemorated the deeds of the rider Borondir of Gondor, the messenger who brought Eorl and the Men of the Éothéod to the aid of the South-kingdom.

In III 2509, Gondor was beset on all sides, and an army of Balchoth came out of the East through the forest of Mirkwood. Unable to raise an army of his own to meet them, Steward Cirion resolved to seek the aid of the Éothéod, the descendants of his old allies who now dwelt in the far north. The way northward lay along the borders of the Forest, and was fraught with danger, so Cirion sent out three pairs of riders to take his message, in the hope that one would succeed. The first two pairs were lost, and of the final pair one was shot with arrows. After fifteen days of riding, the last messenger, Borondir, succeeded in reaching Eorl and conveying Cirion's plea for help.

Eorl agreed, and set out with his riders to the defence of Gondor, with Borondir riding beside him. They met the Balchoth in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant, and it was said that Borondir was the first to cross the River Limlight to attack the enemy. He fell in that battle, and was entombed among the Kings and heroes in the Hallows of Minas Tirith. After his death, the song of Rochon Methestel ('Rider of Last Hope') was made in his memory.

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