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Hallows of Minas Tirith

The tombs of the great ones of Gondor

The Silent Street of Minas Tirith, where its Kings, Stewards and heroes were entombed, lying between the city itself and the steep walls of Mount Mindolluin. Though it was the resting place of the Heirs of Elendil, Elendil himself had no tomb there for most of Gondor's history. His grave had originally been on the Halifirien, but he was reinterred in the Hallows by Cirion at the time of the founding of Rohan. Apart from the tombs of the Kings, the House of the Stewards also stood in the Hallows. There is also some evidence that heroic figures were laid to rest here: at least, Borondir, the messenger who succeeded in reaching Eorl, had his tomb among the mighty of Gondor.

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