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The Rider of the Last Hope


One of six riders sent north from Gondor by Steward Cirion to seek the aid of the Northmen in war. Borondir was the only one to survive the journey and present the Seal of the Stewards to Eorl.



We know almost nothing about Borondir's descent, and nothing at all about his immediate family. We do have a single clue, however: in Cirion and Eorl and the Friendship of Gondor and Rohan (Unfinished Tales Part Three II) we're told that his family '...claimed descent from a captain of the Northmen in service of the Kings of old.' The implication is that he was (extremely distantly) related to the Men of the Éothéod, with a connection going back five centuries or more to the time before that people departed for the North.

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