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The Young

The title of Eorl

A title most famously given to Eorl son of Léod, who inherited the lordship of the Éothéod while still in his teens, after his father's early death. This title is also given to Hathaldir, one of the outlaws of Dorthonion led by Barahir.

Hathaldir One of the survivors of the fall of Dorthonion who joined Barahir and Beren to form an outlaw band. Hathaldir appears to have been the youngest of Barahir's companions (at least, he is named last of the outlaws and given the title 'Young') but we know little more about him except that he was slain alongside most of his companions at Tarn Aeluin in the year I 460.
Eorl Some six millennia after Hathaldir's time, Eorl son of Léod became Lord of the Éothéod. Léod died young, and so Eorl was just sixteen years old when he succeeded to the Lordship, giving rise to his historic title of 'Eorl the Young'. It was Eorl who led his people southwards to the aid of Gondor and became the founding King of Rohan. He lived until the age of sixty, falling in battle in the Wold on Rohan's northern borders.

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