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Created between about III 1200 and III 16351
The eastern fringes of southern Mirkwood, opposite the Narrows
Created due to extensive logging by the Northmen of Rhovanion
A 'bight' is a recess or bay (typically in a coastline, but in this case in the eastern edge of Mirkwood)


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East Bight

Mirkwood's treeless tract

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The great indentation in the eastern edge of Mirkwood, a treeless region that was roughly square in shape, some fifty miles to a side, towards the southern end of the wood. The Bight was not a natural formation, but rather the result of generations of forestry by the Northmen who had historically occupied the lands east of the Forest, from whom the Éothéod could claim descent. Because of the Bight, that part of Mirkwood immediately to the north of Amon Lanc was less than one hundred miles across, and so it became known as the Narrows of the Forest.



We have very few specific dates for the activities of the Northmen in this region, but we know that they had become populous prior to the regency of Minalcar (which began in III 1240). These Northmen continued to thrive until III 1635, when they were devastated by the Great Plague. The dates shown above assume that the tree-felling of the Northmen began in earnest as their numbers swelled, and effectively came to an end after the Plague.

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