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A long river running north to south, east of the Misty Mountains
The confluence of the Langwell and Greylin in the far north of Middle-earth
'Long flooding river'1
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River Langflood

The Mannish name for the Anduin

Map of the river Langflood

The almost-forgotten Mannish name for the River Anduin, given to it by the ancestors of the Rohirrim, but normally called just 'The Great River'.



The use of the element '-flood' in the Langflood's name is not explained, and none of the river's other names hold any related suggestion. Certainly there were great fens and wetlands on the Great River that might explain the allusion, but these were along its southern reaches, while we're told that the name 'Langflood' was used by the Men of the Éothéod in the far North. Perhaps the name was a survival from the times when this people had lived further to the south (at one time they had dwelt close by the marshes of the Gladden Fields, which might explain the name). Alternatively, we might take the name to indicate that the river's northern stretches flooded at times, perhaps due to the spring thaws in the mountains that held its sources.

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