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To the south of Minas Tirith, on the border between South Ithilien and South Gondor
The southern Ephel Dúath
Into the Anduin just above its own Mouths
Not known1


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River Poros

The southern border-river of Ithilien

Map of the river Poros

Rivers of Gondor

A river that rose in the Ephel Dúath on the borders of Mordor, and flowed westwards to meet the Anduin above its mouth. The river marked the border of Gondor proper with the old land of South Gondor.



The meaning of 'Poros' is almost entirely elusive. The Etymologies are of little help; they list a word-root, por-, that seems promising until we realize it means 'flour'. Nor does the name seem to have evolved from phor-, since this implies 'north' while the Poros is emphatically in the south. It is conceivable that the name contains -ros, meaning 'spray'.

(The Etymologies appear in The History of Middle-earth Volume 5, The Lost Road and Other Writings).

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