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Chronicle of Cirion and Eorl

The story of the founding of Rohan

A historical chronicle telling the story of the meeting of Cirion and Eorl after the Battle of the Field of Celebrant, and their subsequent alliance. Eorl had ridden into the south to help defend the lands of Gondor, and in reward Steward Cirion swore an Oath of eternal friendship between Eorl's people and his own. He also granted the northern land of Calenardhon to the Men of the Éothéod, and there they founded the country of Rohan.

The origins of the Chronicle of these events is not known with any certainty. However, the 'chronicle' form was popular among the Anglo-Saxons, and the people of Rohan had many similarities to that culture. So, it seems fair at least to speculate that the Chronicle was written in Rohan to record the beginnings of that nation.

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