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Hill of Anwar

An old name for the Halifirien

A hill that rose along the northern edges of the White Mountains. Around its feet grew a dense wood, and from that wood a stream ran out across the grasslands to meet the Entwash to the north. 'Hill of Anwar' is a partial translation of Amon Anwar, the 'Hill of Awe' at the centre of the old kingdom of Gondor, on whose summit was the Tomb of Elendil.

After Eorl rode to the aid of Gondor, Cirion the Steward granted the land of Calenardhon to him and his people. The Hill of Anwar stood on the borders of that land, and by Elendil's Tomb, Cirion and Eorl swore an Oath of abiding friendship between their two countries. Eorl's people would become the Rohirrim, and their land came to be known as Rohan. They gave the Hill of Anwar a new name in their own tongue, and at that time it became known as the Halifirien, the 'hallowed mountain'.

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