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North-South Road

The ancient road that linked the North- and South-kingdoms

The road dating from the Second Age that linked the northern kingdom of Arnor with the southern kingdom of Gondor. It originally ran from Fornost1 in the far north, southward for hundreds of leagues through Eriador, then through the Gap of Calenardhon and across the lands that would later be Rohan. Most of this road had fallen into ruins by the time of the War of the Ring, though it was still usable in places as the 'Greenway'.



The original capital of the North-kingdom was at Annúminas, somewhat to the west of Fornost, and it seems inevitable that the two cities would have been linked by a road. This would have formed an extension at the northern end of the North-South Road running westwards for about one hundred miles, though we do not have any direct evidence for its existence.

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