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West Road

The road running westward from Minas Tirith

Sometimes called the Great West Road, the road that left the Great Gate of Minas Tirith and turned north and west to pass around Amon Dîn and the Drúadan Forest, and on westwards through Anórien. It travelled past each of the Beacon-hills, and crossed Gondor's later western border within the Firien Wood. From there, it carried on westward through lands that had been known as Calenardhon when it was first made, but belonged to Rohan at the end of the Third Age.

Eventually, the Road reached the Fords of Isen at the edge of Westfold, and passed across into the wilds of Enedwaith. This appears to be the point where the 'West Road' came to an end: though the road itself carried on into the far north of Middle-earth, after this point it was known as the 'North-South Road'.

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