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Mouths of Onodló

The delta of the River Entwash

The River Onodló, better known by its translated name 'Entwash', was the major river that ran through the land of Rohan. Flowing southwards out of Fangorn Forest, its course turned to the east as it met the White Mountains, and its waters were fed by the Snowbourn and other rivers and streams coming down from the snowy heights.

As it reached the eastern marches of Rohan, the stream of the Onodló divided into two branches (this point of division was in fact a part of Rohan's defined eastern border). Each of the branches again divided, until at last the waters of Entwash flowed into the Great River Anduin at no fewer than seven separate points. This sudden inrush of water resulted in a vast marsh opposite the Mouths of Onodló, on the Anduin's eastern bank. This was the Nindalf, or Wetwang, the great fen that spread to the south of the Emyn Muil.

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